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Good question! The absolute best way to watch and enjoy porn without risking to get malwares on your computer is to watch trusted sources only. Watching from a new website can be quite more exciting, but the risk associated with doing so can be quite large. This is why such sites as TopAdultOffers (and even thePornDude or MrPornGeek) exist. They review hundreds (if not thousands) of different porn websites and lay out the pros & cons to their readers. By choosing a website based on it’s review, you’ll be able to know what you’re facing when visiting this site. This way, you’ll never get malware on your computer. Another way of avoiding malware is to run the very latest version of your browser (this can be found in the settings) and to have an up to date antivirus.

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You, like most modern people, watch porn. Whether you watch it once a day, week, month, or on any other intervals, you still watch it and most likely enjoy a very specific type of porn. And you’ve probably always asked yourself: is paid porn worth it? And, even with the huge amount of porn available for free on the internet, you’ve probably noticed that the niche you like the most (whether it be interracial, BBW, MILF, etc.) lacks full and free content that is also in HD/4K/VR. This is where the best porn paysites usually come into play. For a small fee (usually monthly) you can access their full roster of HD movies/clips in your desired niche. To be honest, looking at the most popular paysites, their prices may seem like a lot. But, here’s how to know if it’s worth it. Let’s take one of the most popular porn porn paysites (and one of our team’s favorite) : Brazzers. They charge $29.99 for one month of unlimited streaming. Now let’s say you watch porn once a day. That would mean that a Brazzers membership would only be costing you less than a dollar a day. Not that much huh? And if you’re not convinced, most porn paysites offer a nice cheap/free trial, so you can check out their content and decide if it’s worth the money. So yeah, based on that alone, paid porn is definitely worth it. For a small price, you can get the best adult content available out there. Also, don’t forget that aside from ads, that’s pretty much the only way the porn industry is making money. So if you want top notch content to continue being produced by adult companies, you should definitely support them.