FakeHub – Discount (Up to 86%)

FakeHub - Discount

With our exclusive FakeHub discount, you can get up to 86% off FakeHub premium membership and save up to $20.00 on a monthly basis! Take advantage of our FakeHub deal and subscribe now for the lowest price!

FakeHub is a network of 10+ porn websites, each featuring amateur girls who are deceived into participating in blazing hot sex. This reality-based adult streaming platform showcases what unfolds when inexperienced girls are misled into engaging in more than they anticipated. It stands out as a pioneer in presenting porn films with fake themes and is highly regarded for its superior quality of content. From its clean and appealing homepage to the steamy content, which includes a range of explicit scenes captured in different settings, everything about this site exudes excellence. With numerous impressive attributes, it has become a beloved destination for fans of reality-based adult content, particularly due to the high-quality porn videos available for download in various formats, totaling thousands of scenes.


  • 4000+ HD Porn Videos
  • 3500+ Amateur Pornstars
  • No Download Limits
  • 10+ Exclusive Subsites

Is FakeHub Worth It?

FakeHub is a specialized producer of explicit content that delves into hardcore sex, offering a unique and engaging approach. It takes the reality genre to new heights, incorporating captivating roleplay scenarios that arouse users’ fantasies of amateur individuals engaging in casual sexual encounters. By exploring the tour, you can catch a glimpse of the girls and the explicit activities that unfold within. With my membership at the ready, let’s dive in and explore!

The FakeHub discount includes some of the finest adult websites:

  1. Fake Taxi – European drivers, primarily in London, pick up attractive women who are unable to pay for their rides.
  2. Public Agent – European sluts are willing to model and engage in sexual acts for a sufficient monetary incentive.
  3. Fake Agent – Girls are enticed into participating in a pornographic shoot, stripping down and engaging in sexual acts for a chance at stardom.
  4. Female Agent – Female agents are just as cunning and eager for sexual encounters as their counterparts, so don’t be fooled.
  5. Fake Hospital – A private clinic that often prescribes sex as a remedy for various ailments.
  6. and more…

Additionally, there is a UK version of Fake Agent due to the addictive appeal of British babes. Overall, the network boasts 1,400 full-length scenes available in attractive HD formats. The Flash stream provides an optimal viewing experience, but MP4 downloads are also available for local content storage.

All the content on FakeHub.com is 100% exclusive and free from DRM restrictions. The network frequently updates its offerings with fresh content on a daily basis, ensuring a continuous stream of new material to enjoy.

Bottom Line

FakeHub features an impressive lineup of top-notch websites that are highly regarded in the industry. Among them, Fake Taxi stands out and has remained one of my personal favorites within the “fake” category. With our exclusive discount deal, you’ll gain access to 10+ sites for a price that is significantly lower than that of a single subscription. This fantastic offer guarantees long-lasting entertainment with an extensive collection of incredible adult content that will keep you satisfied for years to come.


How can I pay for my FakeHub membership?

FakeHub offers two payment options for its membership. The most commonly used method is credit card payment, which accepts all major credit cards. Rest assured that the information you provide is secure and protected.

Additionally, FakeHub accepts payments made through PayPal. You can choose this online payment method on the payment page to become a member. Users using a VPN or those in the USA have an additional payment option available, which is payment by check.

Can I purchase the FakeHub deal with PayPal?

Yes, FakeHub accepts payments made through PayPal. This online payment service is one of the available methods for this public reality porn network. The PayPal payment option can be found on the payments page (ProBiller). It is accessible worldwide, including for users in the USA or those using a VPN. Rest assured that the information you provide during account activation is protected and secured according to FakeHub’s security policy.

What types of porn are included in the FakeHub deal?

FakeHub covers a range of amazing reality porn niches that are sure to captivate and engage viewers. From fake taxi and fake hospital scenarios to encounters with fake cops dishing out justice, FakeHub showcases creativity in its attempt to dazzle its audience. You can expect a variety of reality-based porn movies in Full HD and Ultra HD 4K quality.

The site features both amateur babes and well-known pornstars, and it is a mega network that includes 10+ premium sites with a substantial amount of porn. The content is regularly updated to keep things fresh. If you enjoy this type of porn, you may also want to explore the top 5 sites similar to FakeHub.

Is the FakeHub discount a lifetime deal?

A lifetime discount refers to a special discount that rebills at the given price every month or year until you decide to cancel your membership. To make it easy to identify, there is a lifetime discount badge on the deal itself.

Does FakeHub offer downloads as part of the deal?

As a member of the FakeHub network, you have unlimited streaming access, allowing you to watch as many movies as you want at any time. However, the download option is reserved for premium members.

If you wish to download movies from FakeHub, there may be an additional monthly fee associated with it. However, if you become a yearly member, the download option is included in your membership without any extra charges. Thus, the yearly subscription on and read our FakeHub review for more details about the deal is recommended for those interested in downloading content.

How do I cancel my FakeHub membership?

To cancel your FakeHub membership, you can visit the support page of the website and navigate to the “Billing Questions” tab. There, you will find a question that says, “How do I cancel my membership?” Click on it and follow the simple steps provided to cancel your account.

Remember to have your email address on hand, as it will be required for account renewal or cancellation purposes. When you cancel your membership, the automatic rebilling system will cease charging your account.

What is the difference between FakeHub and SexyHub?

FakeHub and SexyHub are sister sites that originated from the same parent site, BigZ, more than 6 years ago. They share a similar name and style, leading to confusion among some people. However, these two sites now represent distinct and separate entities.

FakeHub focuses on public and reality porn genres, featuring scenarios such as fake taxi encounters, fake hospital scenarios, and more. On the other hand, SexyHub includes massage porn, lesbian content, and various genres like revenge. Combined, they offer over 6,000 porn videos. If you want to recreate the network from the past, it is recommended to explore both sites to enjoy a diverse range of content.

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