TransHarder Pornstar Showing Off Her Body
TransHarder Pornstar Showing Off Her Body

Trans Harder Review

In this Trans Harder review, we’ll be taking a look at how a simple trans content focused can pump out so much great content. The porn paysite is brought to you by the same guys that are behind Reality Kings (which is now owned and operated by Mindgeek). 

Content & Pornstars

First of all, the content. Everytime I lauch the paysite, I get surprised. The daily updates alongside the already 700+ (at the time this article was written) available scenes, really never get old. With hundreds of different locations and scenarios, the hung girls will always make you cum. The only downside found to the Trans Harder content is, that in most videos the girls have bigger dicks than the viewers, which can either be annoying (for you “size concerned” gentlemens out there) or very exciting (for us, kinky boys). The videos available on Trans Harder date from 2006 all the way up to today.

 Furthermore, you will be able to see all over your favorite trans pornstars on there. Melyna Merlin, Bruna Casto, and tons of others, they’re all on there.

Quality & Mobile

Then, the quality. As expected from a Mindgeek’s paysite, the quality is exceptional. The player allows you to play all the videos from a quality of 360p (for you people with potato internet) all the way up to 1080p+ (for us people with decent internet connections). As a rule of thumb, if you can run Netflix or YouTube videos in HD without issues, it will be the same on Trans Hard.

Further, the mobile version of the paysite is, as other Mindgeek’s projects, very friendly and enjoyable to use. During the testing (on the newer iPhone version), no issues where detected. The user interface translates very well on a smartphone screen and there is no issues with the video player or the galleries.


To conclude, the verdict. As long as you’re a fan of trans/shemale content, then Trans Hard is definitely for you. You probably already know how hard it is to find good shemale/trans content, this is why such porn paysites as Trans Hard exist. It will, for sure, make your life easier. Check it out by clicking the big orange button below, and get access to the paysite for only $1 (instead of $29.99). 

Our Rating:


  • Some of the best trans porn.
  • Exceptional quality (HD+).
  • Very sexy shemales/pornstars.


  • Some older content tend to have issues (not HD, bad buffering).
  • There was a period of time where the paysite wasn’t updated. 
Our Rating:

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