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Reality Kings Review

Holding the #5 spot in our TopAdultOffers, Reality King is one of the behemoth’s of the industry. Everyone knows about their content, wheter it’s your dad, your teacher or your grandpa, everyone’s watched some of their scenes.

Founded in the year 2000 in Miami, the now legendary porn production company Reality Kings is now owned and managed by it’s big brother Mindgeek (Known for Pornhub and many more).

Content & Pornstars

In my mind, when I hear Reality Kings I hear hot and sexy new girls. And in fact, after signing up for Reality Kings for the first time, all my thoughts where confirmed. If there’s one thing that you should now about the daily new updates on Reality Kings is that you will never get bored with the pornstars. I don’t know how the guys (and girls) behind the scenes do it, but they have the ability to bring out the hottest new chicks in the adult industry. I really feel like every time there’s a new pornstar that blows up, it’s always someone that was first recruited by Reality Kings. You will also have the chance to see you favorite established pornstars like Gabbie Carter, Sasha Grey, Riley Reid, and many more.

Quality & User Experience

As can be expected from a porn studio that is part of the “Big 5”, the user experience on the website is very good. Whether you’re there to watch porn or to check out the porn gallery, both work very well and in all the time I’ve been using this porn paysite I’ve never had any real issues.

The video quality is exceptional, whether you want to watch all the 12,000 + available scenes in a lower quality (240p, 360p or 480p) if you have a lower end internet connection or if you want to watch the videos in high quality (HD+), you will not have any disappointments. Just make sure to choose which quality fits your internet speed the best. My piece of advice is: just use the same quality that you use on Youtube and other streaming sites.


Considering the cheap price point, if you watch porn more than once a week, or just want to have access to extremely high quality porn, then Reality Kings is probably your best bet. If you still are not sure (since you’re still reading, but hey maybe you just really enjoy my writing style), why don’t you check out the $1 Trial that Reality Kings is offering to all my readers? Go for it, you will not regret it. And don’t worry it won’t appear on your credit card statement as “Extreme Hardcore Porn Subscription” more like “something something media llc”.

Our Rating:


  •  Over 12,000 scenes available.
  •  New scenes added every day.
  •  More than 8,000 pornstars (from new names to famous ones).
  •  More than 45 niche sites.
  •  Full HD+ content.


  •  The network lacks diversity, most scenes are the same but with different pornstars. Not a huge issue if you’re new to Reality King’s content or if you’re really into their niches.
Our Rating:

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