Screenshot From A Famous Nutaku Porn Hentai Game
Screenshot From A Famous Nutaku Porn Hentai Game

Nutaku Review

Holding the #1 spot in our TopAdultOffers, Nutaku offers a wide variety of hentai and adult games for all horny gamers to enjoy for free. There is something for everyone, whether you like action, rpg’s, strategy games (or others) you will find something that suits your needs ;).

The adult video game platform was founded in 2015 and is owned by the pornography conglomerate Mindgeek (Pornhub, YouPorn, etc.). As of the time of this article, the website had a monthly user base of around 25 million users.


Nutaku is probably one of the few adult game sites that I actually enjoy. The games that you will find on Nutaku are the same games that you would find on any other site like Facebook or Miniclip, but adult themed. It has anything from FarmVille porn clones to an adult version of famous RTS‘s. What I found while using the game service, is that most games that are offered for free have the tendency to be a bit grindy, it takes a lot of time to complete objectives. This is why I recommend buying Nutaku credits if you’re an impatient gamer, they don’t cost much and they are very useful for your experience in the long run.

Quality, Design & Performance

All the games that I’ve tried on Nutaku run exceptionally well on my laptop (and keep in mind I don’t have a gaming pc, just a basic laptop), the optimization the team behind Nutaku¬†has put in the website is insane. The graphics are great and the games can run and look great on any potato. What I really enjoyed about the design of the website is that, as long as you have a free account, the games you are playing will save automatically. So no need to restart the games from the beginning every time you feel a little horny, you can just jump in and out at any time of the day and your past progression will still be there. The design of the website is very modern and cool, really have nothing much else to say about it.


Well you may now be asking yourself: That’s all very cool features but, is it worth it? My answer would be yes! Why not try? It’s free, no credit cards needed and you have the ability to stop playing if you don’t like it. Sign up using the orange button below and follow me on our various social medias (links in the footer).

Our Rating:


  • Huge variety of games, all of the possible niches are there.
  • Both solo and multiplayer options.
  • Actually free, you won’t have to pay for anything to enjoy the games.
  • The games save automatically when exiting.


  • Some games are censored for some reason.
Our Rating:

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