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NarcosXXX Review

Holding the #3 spot in our TopAdultOffers, is the adult version of the hit Netflix show Narcos. NarcosXXX features all of your favorite characters in a plethora of different games and videos.


I’m always skeptical to porn video-game versions of famous shows/movies. I always thought those to be money grabbing bad re-skinned games. Fortunately, NarcosXXX was a pleasant surprise. The game is set up as a 3D role-playing game that allows you to actually feel like a cocaine kingpin, like the infamous Pablo Escobar. What I found really fun about the game, is that it’s not solely focused on porn. It’s an actual fully fledged action game with very good and explicit sex scenes. Basically the whole point of the game is to either be a policeman, arrest the drug kingpin and fuck as many sexy women on your way, or, be a cocaine dealer and reach the top of the drug trade (and, of course, screw as much women as possible on your way).

Graphics, Quality & Performance

The game is played in-browser, a very nice feature that high quality adult games are starting to implement, since most users are usually not invested enough to download a 45GB game just to jerk off a couple times. The game can easily be played on most modern computers, even if you don’t have a gaming PC. The game performance depends mostly on you internet quality & speed. As long as you have decent internet, the game will be running fine in HD (or any other resolution depending on your screen type).


The game offers a 2 day free trial (click the orange button below to get access to the trial), that pretty much gives you access to everything that you can do in game. The trial is a very good way to find out if you are interested in actually spending money on it. The actual subscription will cost you $39.95 a month. This is not the most expensive porn video game, but also not the cheapest.


If you’re a hardcore porn video game fan or a hardcore Narcos fan, then this is a no brainer, just sign up to NarcosXXX using the big orange button below. If not, it really depends on you, if I was you, I’d give it a try since it gives you a 2 day free trial (you’ll just cancel before the trial end if you don’t like it).

Our Rating:


  • Very fun gameplay.
  • Daily updates.
  • Very good support.
  • 1000s of HD videos.
  • The graphics are insane for an adult game, featuring some graphic artists from the Grand Theft Auto series.


  • In-game ads are quite annoying.
Our Rating:

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