Why You Should Care About: Mia Khalifa's Fight

Why You Should Care About: Mia Khalifa's Fight

Mia Khalifa’s fight recently came up in the mainstream media thanks to her extremely large social media following on both Instagram & TikTok. To summarize the issue she is fighting for (for those unaware), here it is.

As you all know, the ex-pornstar has performed in some of the most watched porn videos of all time, totaling almost 1 billion views and millions of dollars since her debut in 2014. What you probably don’t know about her, is that she was only in the adult industry for 3 months and made no more than $12,000 from her adult career… Sounds bad right? Well it doesn’t end there. Since her most famous video involves her in a hijab, she has ever since received recurrent death threats from Muslim extremists all around the world.

She has tried to take down her videos and the website miakhalifa.com (that she does not own), but Bangbros (the company that owns her IP) would not give in. The company constantly promotes her old content as new and rehashes it to sell it as new content. Even though she has retired from porn almost 7 years ago.

The petition (with over 1.7 million people that signed) asks Bangbros to sell the “Mia Khalifa” IP back to her without ruining her financially.

Why Should You Care

This situation brings up not only the unethical side of the adult industry but also the unfair remuneration. Countless of pornstars and ex-pornstars have been convinced to sell their IP before their first scene and now can’t take control of their own career. Countless of adult entertainers have been paid poorly for their content. As a consumer you should care because the happiness of the performers has an impact on the quality of the content. Would you really be able to jerk off to a video knowing that the girl featured in it was paid $250 for the shoot and only did it because she has a severe drug addiction or had to pay the tuition of her sons school? Probably not.

As with any professional industry, ethics and justice should be one of the main priorities in porn. For the producers, the actors & the consumers. Support the cause, sign the petition.


P.S. As a way to show that we stand behind Mia Khalifa’s fight, we have taken down all of the content featuring or mentioning her on our network of websites. This may not mean much in the large scale of things, but it’s better than nothing. – The Treehorn Network team.