How To Make Your First $1000 On OnlyFans

How To Make Your First $1000 On OnlyFans

If you’ve been on the internet in the past months you’ve probably noticed a new website flying around the web called OnlyFans. And you probably noticed that some girls/guys are making bank on OnlyFans (almost literaly). The likes of Riley Reid, Lana Rhoades, etc. are making upwards of hundreds of thousands every week. While it’s not realistic to expect the same results (since they are tier 1 adult performers & internet personalities), if they can make $300k+ a month, I guarantee that you can make at least $4-5k a month using the same technique. 

Whether people like it or not, the adult industry is taking over the mainstream (see David Dobrik’s, Logan Paul’s, Adam22, etc. recent vlogs) and you can either 1. Ignore it (No financial gain) 2. Bitch about it (No financial gain) or 3. Join it (Make bank).

What You Need

  • A smartphone (iPhone, Samsung, any will do, but the better the camera the better it is).
  • An internet connection.
  • A strong will to win and make money.

Step 1: Registering On OnlyFans

This one is pretty easy, just go on OnlyFans (or click the link down below to support us) and sign up using your Twitter account. Write a compelling description for your fans, add a cover and a profile picture, and your bank information (to withdraw the money from the account).

Step 2: Choosing A Monthly Price For Your Subscribers

After your account is set up, you should decide on a monthly subscription cost for your subscribers. You can go from $4.99/month and up (or stay with a free account). The price you are setting is completely up to you, but remember, the lower the price, the higher is your subscriber count. It’s better to have 100 subscribers at $4.99/month ($500/month) than 20 subscribers at $10/month ($200/month).

Step 3: Promoting Your OnlyFans And Getting Your First Subscriber

The easy part is done, now the hard part: getting your first subscriber. The easiest way to get him (or her) is to announce the creation of your OnlyFans account on your social medias. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, with a 1-2% conversion rate, if you have around 500 followers all across your socials, you can get up to 5 to 10 subscribers. 

Step 4: Expanding Your Reach And Getting More Subscribers

The easiest method to get new subscribers is to run promotions on social media (example: giving away 1 month for free for 10 new subscribers) and by promoting your content on social media.

You might be asking yourself: “I’ve been posting on my Twitter for 3 months now but I am still stuck at 7 subscribers. How is that possible?” Well it’s actually normal, to get new OnlyFans subscriber you’ll have to get new followers. By either doing the follow/unfollow method, giving away nudes for retweets or any other method that works for you.

Step 5: Staying Consistent

The only way to be successful in life (unless you’re extremely lucky) is to be consistent in what you are doing. 

You are probably not going to make $10M in your first year in the industry, but if you stay consistent and work hard, I can guarantee a couple thousands dollars a month in a couple weeks/months time.

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OnlyFans Pros & Cons


  • Pretty easy money if you are good looking or are in a good niche.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to get subscribers.
  • Unlimited earning potential.
  • You can stream to your fans.


  • A bit hard to promote since it’s more and more saturated.
  • OnlyFans takes a 20% cut from your earnings.
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