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Fucknite Review

In this Fucknite Review, you will find out how the porn adaptation of the overnight video-game success Fortnite is holding up against other porn adaptation of other mainstream games/movies. 

After the success of the now acclaimed giant game Fortnite, has sprung thousands of bad Fortnite porn adaptations. Well, this is not one of them. Fucknite is one of the best porn game adaption in the past couple of years.


To begin with, let’s take a look at the gameplay of Fucknite. The gameplay revolves around you creating the Fortnite character you wish to have fun with along with the scenario. The game gives you the possibility, to do pretty much whatever you like with the character you are creating. The possibilities are quite possibly endless as long as your imagination stays within the realm of the Fortnite universe. You can bang your character in the Battle Bus, the Frenzy Farm, and tons of other places. Even though the gameplay is not quite as complex as in games like NarcosXXX, it’s still very entertaining, even more if you consider that it’s free!

Performance, Quality & Technical Requirements

Furthermore, on the quality side of things, the graphics are very impressive for a browser game and the experience can be enjoyed without big latency spikes as long as you have a decent internet connection. The most impressive aspect of the game is the audio quality. Since the sound bites and the music are all taken/inspired from Fortnite.

Moreover, the technical requirements for the game are surprisingly not that high. Even better, since the game is playable in-browser, your computer will be tested to know if it can actually run the game. Don’t worry though, my computer is really not that good, but it was able to run the game very well.

Besides, on the negative side, the setting menu, is not broad enough for a modern video-game. There is no graphic options that you can change, only basic setting changes are allowed in the menu. 


To conclude, Fucknite offers a really fun experience. And, since you can try the game for free by clicking the orange button below, there really isn’t any reason not to try. For more hardcore porn gamers, you have the ability to become a premium member, a monthly membership that gives you access to tons more games, videos and galleries

Thanks for reading this review! If you have anything else to add on Fucknite, doesn’t hesitate to send your additions by email or social media (links are in the footer).

Our Rating:


  • Premium members get access to tons of porn games, videos & galleries. 
  • The graphics are very impressive for a browser game.
  • The character creation possibilities are almost endless.
  • The sound quality is very good.


  • Setting menu does not have enough options for  
Our Rating: