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Erito Discount

With our exclusive Erito discount, you can get up to 72% off Erito premium membership and save up to $20.00 on a monthly basis! Take advantage of our Erito deal and subscribe now for the lowest price!

Erito showcases a stunning lineup of Japanese porn actresses renowned for their beauty. If you’re familiar with the world of adult entertainment, you’ll know that Japan’s laws often result in censorship, obscuring explicit content through pixelation and blocking. Ironically, this is what sets Erito apart as an authentic platform. Even a glimpse of the screen captures on the main page reveals significant censorship. However, if you have a preference for genuine Japanese porn content, you’ll be pleased to know that Erito delivers the real experience. Additionally, if you find the unique aspects of Japanese porn intriguing in some way, you’ll likely appreciate it even more. Nevertheless, we feel it’s important to provide a fair warning to those who may be unfamiliar with this distinctive characteristic of Japanese porn before they visit Erito.


  • Hundreds of HOT JAV porn scenes
  • Live Cam with Hot JAV Pornstars
  • Original & Exclusive Weekly Content
  • HD/4K Porn

Is Erito Worth It?

Yes! If you’re a JAV fan, then Erito is one of the best porn sites to satisfy your thirst!

With that being mentioned, the navigation is remarkably straightforward. By default, the main network page displays the latest and most popular videos. Additionally, you have the option to explore the network’s most sought-after actresses. Furthermore, under the ‘Models’ section, each individual has her own profile page where you can discover essential details and explore all the scenes she has participated in.

Now, it is important to address another aspect. Apart from the “authentic” censorship in the realm of adult content, there is an additional requirement for regular members to sign up for a VIP membership in order to receive a complimentary bonus scene every week. This is a deliberate effort to enhance the overall value of the service. When it comes to streaming, you can only access the content through an embedded player, albeit with various resolution options to choose from. Notably, there are no photo galleries available for browsing.

However, an intriguing feature worth noting is the inclusion of a link to live Japanese sex cam shows. This means that if you prefer a more interactive experience, you have the option to participate in real-time adventures without the need to pause or capture still images.

In terms of video sorting, you have the flexibility to organize and arrange the content on the main Erito page. Alternatively, you can explore the individual sites directly. The use of tags makes it easy to find specific content that aligns with your preferences. Moreover, as a member, you have the privilege of saving favorites, leaving ratings, and posting comments, thus actively engaging with the community.

If you can look past the pixelation and genuinely desire an authentic experience within the realm of Japanese porn, this affordable Asian porn offering might be well worth your consideration and investment.

Bottom Line

If you love Japanese porn, then Erito is no doubt one of the best memberships available for you out there!

And, with our amazing discount, you’ll be able to get access at a super low price. So don’t miss out and click on one of the green buttons on this page to redeem your discount!


How can I pay for an Erito membership?

Erito is a premium Japanese porn site that offers multiple payment options for its membership. Regardless of your location, you can conveniently use your credit card to make the payment. Erito supports all major credit cards, and rest assured that any information you provide is kept confidential and protected. Additionally, for those purchasing the membership outside of the USA, PayPal is available as a payment option. However, please note that PayPal is not allowed for American users. Conversely, members from the USA have the alternative payment option of using checks.

Are downloads included in this deal?

When you become a member of the Erito adult site, you gain immediate access to unlimited streaming. This means you can watch all of their movies and the movies on their subsites without any time restrictions.

However, to download movies, additional monthly fees apply as downloads incur extra costs. If you decide to take advantage of the yearly membership on Erito, the download option becomes available to you at no extra cost. That is why the yearly membership is highly recommended, as it provides both unlimited streaming and downloads without additional spending.


Is Erito membership a lifetime discount?

A lifetime discount refers to a special discount that remains in effect and rebills at the same price every month or year until you choose to cancel the membership. To identify whether an Erito membership offers a lifetime discount, look for the blue badge indicating “lifetime discount” on the deal itself.

Erito provides two price points for their discounts. The first option is a monthly membership for $9.99, but please note that if you choose this option, your membership will rebill at a higher rate than the discounted price, meaning it is not a lifetime discount. However, if you become a member for $17.99 per month, your membership will consistently rebill at the discounted price, making it a lifetime discount. Additionally, if you opt for the yearly access on Erito, your membership will always be a lifetime discount.

Is there a yearly Erito discount?

Erito offers both monthly and yearly access to its members. If you prefer to become a yearly Erito member, you can do so by paying as low as $9.99 per month, which saves you up to 72% of your money. The yearly discount rebills at the discounted price on Erito, making it a lifetime discounted membership. Furthermore, with the yearly membership, you gain access to both downloads and unlimited streaming of videos.

Can I get an Erito trial?

Erito provides trial access to its newest members. The trial period lasts for 2 days and is priced at $1.00. During this period, you can enjoy watching the movies on Erito; however, downloading them is not available. Therefore, trial access grants you limited network access. When the Erito trial expires, it automatically rebills at the full monthly price unless you cancel your subscription. Once you have used the Erito trial, you can choose to renew your membership at either the monthly or yearly level.

How many subsites does this network have?

Erito is an Asian adult network comprising 5 additional subsites, each exploring various aspects of the Asian porn genre. These subsites feature the hottest Asian stars and offer specialized content. For example, Cosplay in Japan showcases exceptional cosplay Asian adult content with gorgeous Japanese girls dressed as your favorite characters.

Can I watch the videos on my mobile device?

Erito is perfectly optimized for a seamless mobile experience. Whether you have a smartphone or tablet capable of streaming and downloading content, you can enjoy all the perks of your membership on the go. The site’s style and interface are designed to be slick, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. You can expect an excellent mobile experience when accessing the Erito adult site.

Are videos on the Erito deal in 4K Ultra HD quality?

Erito prioritizes a different approach, choosing not to adopt new technologies as they believe it may impact the essence of adult content. Therefore, you will not find 4K videos on Erito, and all of their videos are presented in Full HD 1080p quality. Every update on the network is delivered in 1080p quality rather than 4K. However, as 4K continues to become a standard in the industry, it is only a matter of time before Erito publishes their first 4K video.

How do I cancel my Erito membership?

Erito provides the flexibility to cancel your membership at any time. Simply visit the support page on the website and locate the billing options. From there, follow the simple steps provided to cancel your membership. Enter your credentials as required, and you will receive a confirmation email stating that you are no longer a member of Erito. Once the cancellation process is complete, your membership fees will cease to be deducted from your bank account.

Can I pay for Erito with PayPal?

While PayPal is supported on Erito, it is only available for members outside of the USA. If you are accessing the site with a VPN or from within the USA, PayPal will not be an option for payment. However, if you are purchasing the deal from any other location worldwide, ProBiller will give you the choice to pay with PayPal. American citizens have the alternative payment options of using credit cards or checks for their Erito payments.

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