Chaturbate Camgirl Plays With Herself On Stream
Chaturbate Camgirl Plays With Herself On Stream

Chaturbate Review

Holding the #1 spot in our TopAdultOffers, Chaturbate is one of the veterans of the webcam industry. The models look stunning, most content is accessed for free, no reasons not to be on the website right now!

Launched in 2011 (am I the only one thinking that the website is around for more than that?), Chaturbate provides it’s viewers with the ability to perform “the act of chatting and masturbating online”. Meaning that the users can either act as a viewer or a Chaturbate model. The models show themselves on camera and interact with the viewers and, usually, perform some kind of sexual performance (either for free or for Chaturbate tokens).

Each Chaturbate token is worth around $0.05 (US dollars) in real life money. Each model has the right to choose how much each activity costs. Example: Let’s say Kinsey002 (hopefully not a real Chaturbate user) provides dildo masturbation for 500 token, anal dildo masturbation for 1000 tokens and a private session for even more. This means that if Pete (fictional user) buys the “dildo masturbation” service for 500 token, he will have spent $25 to see Kinsey002 masturbate in front of her camera.

While their is no deposit fee for the users, the models have to pay a fee to Chaturbate on every dollar they earn. They can still make a huge amount.

Overall, the UI on Chaturbate is quite minimal and looks a bit outdated. But, this doesn’t mean that the website is bad. On the contrary, we think that it makes your viewing experience a lot easier and better. By removing useless visual effects and fancy design, you concentrate on the show alone.

The selection of models is also quite nice. Compared to most cam sites, the girls (and boys/trans) on there will most likely speak good English. Which is hard to find nowadays with the flooding of the market by Eastern European models.

Our favorite aspect of the website is %100 the ease of use and the private chats. While most camsites have private chats, Chaturbate’s one really is the easiest to use in my opinion.

Finally, it’s also good to point out that if you scroll down past the first page of the website, you will find a lot of models that are equally (if not more) beautiful than the top models, and that charge way less than the top models for the same performances. And another upside to this method is that you support struggling and less popular models, which is also cool. 

Should You Spend Money On Chaturbate?

Well this is a hard question. Our answer is: it really depends on you. If you haven’t noticed already, there’s tons of free porn all over the internet, so why pay? In the case of Chaturbate, by paying you ccan get some pretty cool perks the major being : private shows. Chatting along all of the fans of a model is nice, but you know what’s better? Chatting with the model one on one. And even better, you’re going to get a show for it. 

Another reason you might want to pay is, as all people, Chaturbate models have bills to pay too. Even if it doesn’t look like hard work, trust us when we say this, it is. So why not send a $5 tip once in a while to support some models that you like a lot? It’s pocket change for you but could mean a lot for the models.

Our Rating:


  • 100% Free webcam chat.
  • Cryptocurrencies are accepted as a form of payment.
  • Private Chats.
  • Multiple cams, full screen and many more fun options are available to the viewer.
  • All of of variety: girls, boys, couples and trans cam models, they have everything you’d wish for on Chaturbate.
  • HD Shows.
  • Easy to use interface.


  • The site can sometimes go on maintenance without a warning.
  • Chaturbate’s models complain about their content being found all over the internet.
  • Some users have reported being scammed and then banned by models, never happened to me and I think that as long as you only pay through Chaturbates payment system (credits), you will easily be refunded if scammed.
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