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How To Make Money With Chaturbate

Holding the #2 spot in our TopAdultOffers, is Chaturbate (The #1 Cam Site). It is one of the oldest and most trusted affiliate programs by adult webmasters for the past years because of it’s fast payout rate and good reputation. If you surf the web, you can find many success stories of webmasters making upwards of $15k a month with this program. As adult webmasters ourselves we can assure you that this is probably the best converting adult affiliate program available out there. 

Chaturbate allows webmasters to earn money through a couple different ways.

Chaturbate Pay Per Lead

The first one (Pay-Per-Lead) is getting payed for each new registration that you send them. The payout is $1 for a viewer from a T1 country and $50 for a new cam model. We would recommend this payout option for newer adult webmasters that need to make fast couple bucks without having to figure out how much their lead actually costs in the long term. This same payment model will give you around $50 for each model that you recruit and that 

Chaturbate Rev-Share

The second option is revenue share with Chaturbate. In this payment model, you will not receive anything for each sign-ups (unlike with the first payment model), instead you will receive 20% of every penny that users spend after signing up with your link. This model takes a bit more time to convert but can be extremely profitable in the long term. It is even more profitable if a whale (a user that spends thousands with your link) sign-ups with your link. Let’s say your sign ups spend a monthly average of $10,000 (which sounds like a lot, but really isn’t if you have 5-6,000 sign ups), you will get a monthly revenue of $2,000. Doesn’t sound bad huh?

Chaturbate Whitelabel

The last model allows you to create your own webcam site for free. You will be using Chaturbate’s interface but will be able to add your own domain, logo and rebrand most parts of the site. Could be a nice option for someone that doesn’t have the skills to build a camsite and recruit camgirls from zero (could cost upwards of 100s of thousands).

To round up the information provided, if you’re a new adult webmaster looking to promote something with porn re-upload, social media, ppc or with another method, Chaturbate’s Affiliate Program is an excellent place to start out. You will be able to gain some experience in the adult world while still promoting one of the top cam websites and making tons of money (hopefully). 

Our Rating:


  • Unlimited earning potential.
  • Easy to convert.
  • Tons of promotional tools available for free. 


  • The revshare program may take a bit of time to convert.
Our Rating:

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