AsianSexDiary Local Asian Pick Up
AsianSexDiary Local Asian Pick Up

Asian Sex Diary Review

Next on TopAdultOffers porn paysite review, is the infamous Asian Sex Diary. Launched in 2013 by the Vegas Dreamworks porn production company, Asian Sex Diary is a sex tourist dream come true. Here’s why…

Content & Pornstars

First of all, the content. All of the videos on the porn paysite follow the same plot. The main character, John Tron (yeah, like the YouTuber) goes around Asia and tries (and succeed) to pick up hot Asian chicks. He then proceeds to film his sexual exploits with the girls and posts them on the paysite, conveniently named Asian Sex Diary. A very fun part of the videos are the introductions, where John takes you around some of the landmarks of the current location he’s in. A cool way to find out new things about Asian countries if you’ve never been there.

Furthermore, by signing up to Asian Sex Diary, you are getting access to over 3,000 scenes (at the time the article is written) with hundreds of different Asian hotties and daily updates of John’s new conquests. As far as pornstars are concerned, if you’re looking for very popular pornstars (like Brandi Love), you’re on the wrong porn paysite. Pornstars featured on Asian Sex Diary are not very known outside of Asia, John mentions a couple times during his vlogs that most girls are not even working in the adult industry, they are just looking for a fun time!

Quality & Mobile

Next on the list, the quality. As expected from one of the largest Asian focused porn paysite, the quality is incredible. You get to stream videos in multiple qualities, from 360p to 1080p+. As long as your internet connection is able to handle YouTube in HD, then you don’t even have to worry about buffering issues when streaming Asian Sex Diary in HD+.

The mobile version of the website works very well (tested on the newest iPhone), the video player resizes properly and the user interface features translate very well from the desktop version to mobile. Still, the computer version of the website is recommended for the optimal experience, considering that the screen is bigger and both your hands are free ;).   


To conclude, is Asian Sex Diary worth it? The answer is YES! The porn paysite provides some of the best Asian porn available on the market. Whether you’re a big Asian porn fan or a virtual traveler, you should definitely check out Asian Sex Diary. Even better, if you click the big orange button down below, you get access to a huge discount when signing up for Asian Sex Diary

Our Rating:


  • Great Asian porn.
  • Full HD+ quality on most scenes.
  • More than 3,000 scenes available as soon as you sign up.
  • Tons of pictures in the gallery. 


  • You can’t download the videos, even if you’re willing to pay extra (but piracy wise, this makes sense). 
  • At some point there was a couple non-Asian girls, which kind of goes against the whole concept.
Our Rating:

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