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Holding the #1 spot in our TopAdultOffers, AdultFriendFinder allows you to find a friend with benefits without the usual hassles. You just create an account in less than 30 seconds, upload a picture or two and then you get connected to sexy locals around your area looking for a fun time.

Description & Registration

The registration process at AdultFriendFinder is quite easy, you just have to fill in your basic description like name, age, sex, etc. and what you’re into, whether it’s woman, men, both, or other. I recommend uploading a real picture of yourself to make it fair for the other users, and not a picture from 15 years ago when you where a bodybuilder (yeah those concerned know what I am talking about). Just imagine talking with someone for a couple months and then when you meet them in real life you realize that you where talking to a completely different person. Wouldn’t like that I imagine huh? Then don’t do it to the rest.

As soon as you’re finished registering and confirming your email address, the website will take you through a short tutorial on how to match with new potential mates.


One thing I can tell you before you start reading about AdultFriendFinder on other websites is that, like on every major dating site, there’s quite a bit of fake profiles that are fishing for money, but they are pretty easy to figure out and filter out. 

The people on AdultFriendFinder are very friendly and upfront. I’ve had many readers tell me that they went from registration, to talking to someone new, to meeting them in under a week. Personally took me a bit more time to meet the girls in real life (around 2 weeks) since I don’t like to rush these type of things and would rather know someone better before jumping on them (even if my porn addict personality may tell you oterwise). 

Other Cool Features

The dating website also has a very well made app for both iOS and Android that installs very fast and has a very slick minimal user interface. AdultFriendFinder offers a very fun sex academy where you can, surprisingly, learn a lot.


If you’re currently looking for a new partner, whether it’s for a serious relationship, just for sex, or just to talk, then I can definitely recommend trying out AdultFriendFinder. You can access the website by clicking the big orange button down below! And if, after using the website, you find that I’ve missed something in this review do not hesitate to mention it to me on social medias (link down in the footer).

Our Rating:


  • Low membership fee.
  • You can use most features for free.
  • The site is all about sex.
  • Thousands of girls/guys around your area.
  • Live broadcasts.
  • Adult chat groups.
  • Sex academy courses: learn new things and proper sex techniques. 


  • Entire website looks a bit sketchy if you’ve never used it before. Has a “meet hot singles in your area” vibe.
Our Rating:

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